Virtual exhibition

A Virtual Reality Platform for Decolonial Dialogues
Asnath Paula Kambunga, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Chris Paul Muashekele, Victoria Kalwenya, Helena Katale, Tangeni Kakoto, Selma Iyambo Deon Shekuza, Simeon Simeon

This virtual reality exhibition was co-created with Namibian youth to promote plural narratives on Namibia’s colonial past and future imaginaries. The Namibian youth position is convoluted, as they try to push the boundaries in politics and decisions that affect their
futures. Specifically, the youth engaged in this project who identify as born frees (born after Namibian independence in 1990) experience that their voices are oppressed because the political leaders consider them to be “too young” and lacking a broader understanding of the country’s colonial past to comprehend the current circumstances. Thus, this virtual space serves as a platform where multiple voices on the colonial past and future imaginations can occur without fearing repercussions. We appropriated the design to local cultures, indigenous architectures and Namibia’s fauna and flora. We view our work as a contribution to the decolonising design practice for two main reasons. Firstly, by aligning it to the pluriversal perspectives on autonomous designing, the youth became active agents in making their futures. Secondly, using indigenous designs and practices to influence new ways of doing and being.

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