The 7th Visual Methods Conference will take place from the 13th – 15th of December 2021. This year it will be held online for the first time in the history of the series. Our aim is to create an engaging and interactive conference with exciting opportunities spaces for participants to share and explore ideas.

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All times in South African Standard Time (SAST) / UTC+2

Programme Day 1
Programme Day 2
Programme Day 3
Virtual Exhibition (Days 1-3)

Pre-conference phase 

Submitted abstracts will be grouped in tracks by the main questions these papers are responding to. Each track will be facilitated by one of the conference committee members. Presenters will submit an extended abstract including sub-questions they would like to discuss during the conference and they will also be asked to familiarise themselves with the other papers in their track before the conference to allow for a deeper engagement across the presentations in each track. Each track has app. 4-5 presentations.

Conference phase

The conference will have various formats:

Welcome: welcome and housekeeping by one of the conference committee members

Provocation: contribution by an invited guest speaker who will respond to some of the questions emerging from the abstracts

Tracks: short inputs from 4-5 presenters responding to a specific question. We will create padlets to collect questions / comments / feedback from the audience and share slides and other resources. Presenters can pre-record their presentations (max 10 minutes).

Conversations: facilitated conversations after presentations among presenters with an opportunity to ask questions / join the conversations by the audience

Wrap up / feedback: wrap up of discussions from conversations / collective harvesting, by conference committee members

Film screening: film screening with facilitated discussion.

Virtual exhibition: online exhibition of work – A Virtual Reality Platform for Decolonial Dialogues

Round tables/workshops: 60-120 minutes interactive online engagements on day 3

Post-conference phase

Work on a special issue or on articles to be submitted to selected journals.