Programme Day 2 (SAST/UTC+2)

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Provocation 2: Saki Mafundikwa, Decolonising Decolonization
11.00-12.00 Track 6: Performance Art
Facilitator: Cheri Hugo

Janhavi Dhamankar and Lara Nieuwenhuis Re-imagining mainstream academia through dance and drawing

Ernesto Noronha, Premilla D’Cruz, Saikat Chakraborty and Muneeb Ul Lateef Banday Drawing one’s lifeworld: A methodological technique for researching bullied child workers

Lisa Bowers and Emilie Giles I’ve got a feeling; a haptic drawing system for sight-impaired designers

Luciana Scrutchen Theory into Practice: Weaving Ancestral African Design as Cultural Communication

Track 7: Data Visualisation
Facilitator: Terence Heng

Nicole Brown and Jo Collins Systematic visuo-textual analysis: a framework for analysing visual and textual data

Puja Sardar Visualising Street as a cultural space: A study in selected coastal villages of India

Rebecca Green Equal actors: A method for analysing the visual language of communication for complex issues

Federico Lucchesi Why do we visually ‘talk’ on social network sites? – The role of SNS in romantic relationships’ interpersonal communication universe: a participatory visual approach
Track 8: Digital and Immersive Storytelling
Facilitator: Camelia Crisan

Federica Pesce, Laura Bove and Antonia Silvaggi Digital Storytelling (Beauty) will save the world? Narrative paths for young offenders

Iesha Coppin A duality of identity: capturing carribean womanhood image, ideals, and influence through black beauty, 1960-1970

Meike Broderson Capturing socio-spatial complexity through participatory visual ethnography – driving along

Bronwen Thomas and Tricia Jenkins
Decolonising Digital Methods

Silas Udenze Being an Insider Researcher in the Virtual Space: Insights, Merits and Challenges

Track 9: AI/Mapping
Facilitator: Chris High

Karin Hansson and Anna Dahlgren Decolonizing metadata: Speculative design as a way to explore dilemmas

Evelyn Runge Autoethnography and Visual Methods. An Approach to Understand Automation in Hybrid Photo-Agencies

Marta Pucciarelli and Iolanda Pensa Digital public art: assessing the impact of documenting public art in Douala on Wikipedia.

Rebecca Noone Google Maps: The Automation of Location Awareness and the Enclosures of Accuracy
12.00-12.45 Conversation 6 Conversation 7 Conversation 8 Conversation 9

Film screenings

Virtually Once in a Life Time (7 mins)
Gary McLeod

A Dream Turned Into Ice Ice Baby (3 mins 31 sec)
Amanda Hill, Alexandra Cantu and Lauren Cuevas

Stay Away (15 mins 50 sec)
Sara Baumann, Sara Parker and Women on Kanchanpur

14.00-15.00 Track 10: Visual Theory
Facilitator: Anja Venter

Hong Feng From Venus to Qingwen: Modern Visual Practice in the Schema of “reclining woman”

Tommaso Durante Western Cultural Hegemony and New Spatial World Order: An Inquiry into the Visual Epistemic Regime of the Global in Shanghai

Nela Milic Sarajevo: ruins as backdrops in approaches to memory

Ishan Khosla Body Language: transforming the indelible tattoos and motifs of indigenous Indian folk and tribal communities into digital typefaces
Track 11: (Oral) Storytelling
Facilitator: Rebecca Noone

Julie Patarin-Jossec Space politics, cosmologies and legitimate knowledge: towards a decolonial visual methodology in International Relations

Jay Poudyal Stories of Nepal – listening to ‘ordinary’ voices

Katie MacEntee, Claudia Mitchell, Sarah Flicker, Jennifer Thompson and Lisa Starr Mobilizing Cellphilms

Track 12: Decolonising Curricula
Facilitator: Cheri Hugo

Clive Holtham, Monica Biagioli and Abdelfattah Abusrour Decolonising the Curriculum: The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House

Catherine Duncan, Nicola Cloete and Anton Coetzee Walking pedagogies: Arresting assumptions in the art histories classroom

Eleanor Snare, Daniel Almaguer Buentello and Duncan Harrison ‘A Simple Vista: Cultural Variability as a Dialogue Between Students’

Amanda Hill, Alexandra Cantu and Lauren Cuevas Designing Documentaries: Challenges and Opportunities to Decolonize Ethnographic Filmmaking with Undergraduate Students
Track 13: Design Thinking
Facilitator: Shaun Borstrock

Supriya Kapai An Integrated Design Thinking Strategy- A study of Indian Aggrotech Start-ups

Sabrina Lucibello, Alessandra Talamo, Silvia Marocco and Lorena Trebbi The ‘simplexity’ of innovation in Products and Services Design.

15.00-15.45 Conversation 10 Conversation 11 Conversation 12 Conversation 13
Wrap up / feedback

Film screening

Decolonising the Curatorial Process (a research film) (40 mins)
Orson Nava

8 days (37 mins 24 sec)
Sara Parker