Programme Day 1 (SAST/UTC+2)

Monday 13 December 2021

Provocation 1: Prof. Mugendi K. M’Rithaa, Participatory Design in Majority-World Contexts – an Afrikan Perspective
11.00-12.00 Track 1 (part a): Participatory Research
Facilitators: Daniela Gachago and Federica Pesce

Lily Kpobi and Erminia Colucci Decolonising mental health care Understanding collaborative mental health care in Ghana using visual research methods

Chris High and Henrik Teleman What’s it for? The social affordances of participatory media production and the ideology of practice

Janine Lange Storytelling, extractivism and the ethnographic ideal

Anja Venter Jamming as method: exploring mobile materialities for creative practice
Track 2: Photography
Facilitator: Terence Heng

Hugh Ellis Documentary photography as a empowering practice: analysing the photographs of Namibian students.

Sara Vannini and Ricardo Gomez Fotohistorias: self-determination, privacy implications, and the role of researchers in participatory photography and storytelling practices with undocumented migrants in the U.S.

Gary McLeod Street Re-View: problematizing Google Street View through participatory rephotography in Kamaishi, Japan.
Track 3: Photovoice
Facilitator: Mark Dunford

Sapana Basnet Bista, Rose Khatri and Padam Simkhada Visuals of Invisibles, by Invisibles”: Western Institutional Ethics and Degree of Participation in Photovoice with People with Disability

Mcdonald Nyalapa, Cath Conn and Kate Kersey Decolonising Malawian public health: A photovoice collaboration with families exploring daily meals associated with a rise in diabetes

Laura Simpson Reeves Photo elicitation as member checking: reflections on using found images in interviews to clarify emerging findings

Marieke van der Zand, Victoria Lowers and Rebecca Harris Photovoice as a research method investigating inequalities in dental visiting: exploring contributions of photovoice methods to group participation and self-disclosure
12.00-12.45 Conversation 1a Conversation 2 Conversation 3
Film screenings

“District 6: disrupting the dream deferred” (12 mins 15 sec)
Janine Lange, Je’nine May, and Evan Zerf

14.00-15.00 Track 1 (part b): Participatory Research (communities)
Facilitators: Daniela Gachago and Federica Pesce

Kaylan Schwarz, Claudia Mitchell, Rebekah Hutten and Lysandre Champagne Exploring feminism(s) through visual methods: object elicitation and participatory data analysis

Sophie Maliphant Collaborative and participatory story-telling method depicting menstruation in Nepal

Tamara Plush Interrogating and deconstructing inequitable participatory video practitioner power in International Development contexts

Nicole Brown Scope and Continuum of Participatory Research
Track 4: Participatory Media Production
Facilitator: Izak van Zyl

Gemma San Cornelio, Antoni Roig and Efraín Foglia Romero The timeline as a visualization and collective creation tool

Katie MacEntee, Samhita Misra, Roxanne Mykitiuk and Iris Epstein Inclusion and access in participatory visual methodologies: A model for supporting the meaningful participation of people with disabilities

Kazimuddin Ahmed, Lara Bezzina, Andrea Butcher, Mariette Aikpe, Evariste Bako and Salla Sariola From Convention to Bricolage: Participatory video-based visual methods in West Africa during a global pandemic

Grace Hutchison, Sabine Hellmann and Nick Lunch Living Cultures Indigenous Fellowship: a case study training Indigenous Peoples in participatory video
Track 5: Public Art
Facilitator: Mark Dunford

Marta Pucciarelli: The role of public art in making visible the invisible in Douala.

Sebastian Aravena-Ortiz Public walls as political expression canvas: Scribbles on the walls of Santiago of Chile in the protests of 2019.

Melike Ozmen Cléo’s Journey Revisited
15.00-15.45 Conversation 1b Conversation 4 Conversation 5
Wrap up / feedback

Film screening

“Nkabom: A little medicine, a little prayer” (70 mins)
Lily Kpobi and Erminia Colucci